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Shock Therapy at Tangona Bootcamp

The term ‘bootcamp’ can conjure up frankly terrifying images of assault courses, crawling through mud, and being shouted at by an army sergeant. But over at Tangona, you can still reap the rewards of a hardcore bootcamp workout, this time with a few creature comforts.

Tangona Bootcamp is the brainchild of Argentine Daniel Tangona, who was influenced by the craze that was sweeping the US when he visited in 2005. Tangona and partner Migone Guille then decided to introduce this idea to the Buenos Aires exercise scene over at Barrio Parque.


Located up an almost hidden road in the swanky Barrio Parque (or to some, Palermo Chico) neighbourhood, the bootcamp workout is designed to be held outside (occasionally moved to the gym’s top floor with bad weather) with classes lasting approximately one hour. The workout is comprised of a thorough warm-up, followed by exercises combining Aero Box and Tae Bo, along with plenty of boxing reps, all mixed with circuits. The group then moves on to the floor work section, focusing primarily on abdominal work and posture, with the workout as a whole aiming to improve each participant’s strength, coordination, balance, power, strength, flexibility.

Argentine model Dolores Trull is one of the many converts to Tangona’s bootcamp religion, and the 20 or so fellow class-regulars certainly appeared to be sold on the alternative exercise class.

Tangona spoke of the attraction of a bootcamp style class: “we use different and varied elements: car tires, fences, cones, ropes, logs, stairs, boxing gloves…but the key is to use the weight of your own body.” It’s also vital to be utilising the elements and changing things up as to avoid repetition – the killer of regular exercise enthusiasm. However, bootcamp seems to be more than just a workout class, but more of a philosophy to both your body and life. Daniel insists that, “the essence is that the body and brain must be very strong. Life is full of obstacles we must overcome.”

Bootcamp is the definition of a high-intensity workout, and anyone who’s experienced one before will know to be prepared for endless ear-piercing whistles, shouted commands, and pounding music. No walk in the park and certainly no giggly ‘legs, bums, and tums’ class.

Class instructor Daniel’s quips and charisma add a personal and light-hearted touch; something that often dry and monotonous exercise classes can lack. Not for the faint-hearted, but if you feel the need to shakeup your current exercise routine and see results quickly, then a bootcamp class promises to shock you and your body.

Tangona Bootcamp welcomes people of all ages and fitness levels, and offers a host of other exercise activities and classes. Classes are conducted in Spanish. Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30-10.30am.

Bootcamp by Tangona Fitness,
Ocampo Wellness Centre, Ortiz de Ocampo 3256, Barrio Parque.
(54911) 3639-1200.

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(Daniel Tangona, (54911) 3639-1200)